Another Intriguing Meeting

It was a meeting just packed with a variety of intriguing topics: Greenery… it’s the Pantone color of the year! This is what we learned from Axel, our Toastmaster of the evening who chose the Colors as the evening’s theme. The color greenery is described as  ‘fresh and zesty’, which coincidentally also describes an evening with the

A Cure for Mumbling

Say this 4 times in a row. Saying it faster each time: ‘Three free throws. ‘ It’s a workout for your whole mouth that should cure you of mumbling. This was one of  warmup exercises given to us by our Toastmaster of the evening, Debbie, to practice really using the power of our voice to enhance our speeches.


Courage was the title of Christina’s Ice Breaker speech at our meeting on June 26th.  She reminded me that courage is an essential ingredient for personal growth. Christina inspired me with her speech where she talked about having the courage to journey across Chile on horseback. It turned out to be a life-changing experience.  After

Our Club is Blossoming

It’s thrilling to watch our club blossom.  At our last Monday meeting both our speakers were our very own Bamberg Toastmasters.  Usually a club depends on support from more established clubs in the area to fill the agenda.  We still welcome guests but it’s wonderful to see that we can support ourselves. Bianca gave her Icebreaker speech. She took us

There’s no stopping us now…

We were the walking wounded but we were not to be stopped from coming  out to our club meeting on Monday May 22nd. Some of us were short on sleep  after the great weekend at the District 59 Conference in Berlin (see us on Facebook).    Our  slightly hobbling Toastmaster of the evening, Frank, aka Heliogabalus Morpheus, not only guided us through


Awesome was not only the Word of the Day, it also perfectly described our meeting on Monday night. We started off with Table Topics where members were challenged to tell us the meanings of “eximious”, “prestantious”, “supernacular” and “deevy” in 2 minute impromptu speeches.  It was an entertaining display of quick thinking and creativity.  (Our