Tools for Public Speaking

With a few basic tools you can create endless possibilities

Do you want to give an entertaining speech at your friend’s wedding? Honor your colleague at his or her retirement party? Be ready to give a dynamic presentation at work?

If you are equipped with the fundamental tools of public speaking you can do all of these and much more!

From July until December when you come to Bamberg Toastmasters you will be treated to educational sessions on the fundamental skills of public speaking.  Each meeting will include a 15- minute educational from the Toastmasters Better Speaker Series and another series on creating humor from Frank Gundermann, How to be Funny or Not:

Beginning Your Speech (10 August)
Concluding Your Speech
Controlling Your Fear
Impromptu Speaking
Selecting Your Topic (14 September)
Know Your Audience
Organizing Your Speech
Creating An Introduction
Preparation And Practice
Using Body Language
How to be funny or not Part 1 (27 July)
How to be funny or not Part 2 (24 August)
How to be funny or not Part 3
How to be funny or not Part 4

And others…

Because of the Corona situation our meetings are online. So you can attend from wherever you are in Germany and around the world.

Visit us on Facebook or subscribe to receive our meeting invitations to find out the what the next educational will be.

Come visit and experience learning in a friendly and supportive environment.