A Personal Development Journey

When you’re on the journey of personal development it’s important to focus on the road ahead but it’s also important to look back at where you started.

Every Toastmaster member’s  journey starts with the Icebreaker speech. The objective is to talk about yourself in front of an audience. For many this first step is a huge challenge. In the next 8 speeches a Toastmaster member learns the elements of engaging with the audience and giving memorable speeches:

  • structure
  • a clear purpose
  • vivid words
  • purposeful body language
  • vocal variety
  • visual aids that enhance the message
  • techniques to persuade

Then in speech number 10 a Toastmasters puts all the elements together in a speech that inspires their audience.   This is a milestone to be celebrated by the Toastmaster and the fellow club members who supported them on their journey. It is also a great time for a Toastmaster to look back at their Icebreaker  and be amazed at how far they have come.