Only 2 Weeks Left!

In  2 weeks come visit the  launch meeting of the Bamberg Toastmasters (Monday March 27th starting at 7:30PM at Ahörnla im Sand).

‘We Are What We Do – Habits and Goals Go Hand and Hand’

That was title of an article in the January Toastmasters Magazine. When I saw it I just had to read it. The article goes on to say…

Toastmaster Magazine that members receive monthly

Goal-achieving leaders have character traits like courage and persistence, but their habits pave the way to success. They practice day-to-day routines and behaviors so regularly they almost become automatic. Even mundane habits lay the groundwork for a successful journey and propel you little by little to reach your goals.

Read the complete article in the Janauary 2017 Toastmasters Magazine

Toastmasters – An Excellent Place to FORM Good Habits!

Bamberg Toastmaster meetings will take place on the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month. In each meeting you will want to take on a role. It may be a  speaker giving a prepared or impropmtu speech; a leader role to guide us through the meeting; an evaluator role providing feedback to other members.  By actively participating meeting after meeting there’s a strong possibility that you will start picking up some new habits which could include:

  • Actively listening to others.
  • Not hesitating to give speeches and presentations in English.
  • Managing meetings to make them productive and in time.
  • Giving effective feedback which helps  others instead of keeping your silence.
  • Taking on challenges.
  • Speaking in front of a crowd.

I believe these are the types of habits that can,  “lay the groundwork for a successful journey and propel you little by little to reach your goals“, whatever they may be.

Come visit us at Bamberg Toastmasters and pick up some new good habits!

We’re looking forward to meeting you!