Guest Info: You are invited to join our meetings as a guest. This is the best way to find out if Bamberg Toastmasters is what you are looking for. As a guest you don’t need to participate actively in the meeting. Just sit back and enjoy the whole evening. We look forward to seeing you.


Have you already visited our club and would now like to become a member?

It’s easy to become a member!
  1. Complete a membership application form at one of our meetings and give it to any club officer
  2.  You will receive information on how to transfer your membership fee of 9 Euros per month to the Bamberg Toastmasters’ account
  3. You will then be inducted as a member
Upon receipt of your membership application and fee
  1. The Vice President Education will discuss the first assignments with you (timekeeper, ah counter, grammarian)
  2. You will be assigned a mentor
  3. You will get your login details for our education program Pathways

Keeping informed, you will also receive the Toastmaster monthly magazine from Toastmasters International in the US
And you can sign up to our facebook | Instagram pages.