Just One Week to Go!

The wait is almost over! In just one week you will be able to attend the Bamberg Toastmasters launch meeting taking place on Monday 27 March at 7:30 at Ahörnla.

Toastmasters Pushing Their Limits

Speech Contestants at the Area I-4 Spring Contest

I spent last Saturday afternoon at our Area Speech and Evaluation Contests. It was held in the auditorium of the Franconian International School in Erlangen. There were competitors from the clubs in Nuremberg and Erlangen.

The first contest was the evaluation contest. In this type of contest a test speaker delivers a speech and the contestants all give a 3 minute oral evaluation of the same speech.

The second contest was a speech contest. The contestants give 5 to 7 minute prepared speeches on the topic of their choice.

What struck me about the contestants was the  presence and charisma they all projected from the stage. They could have  easily captivated the attention of an audience of 200 or more.

It seemed like all the contestants were exploring their own limits and in the process discovering their own potential. They didn’t start off that way when they joined Toastmasters.  Members start Toastmasters at all different levels of ability in public speaking and leadership. What a Toastmasters club offers is a way to explore your own potential  while supporting others in the process.

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