In 9 Weeks… Be our Guest at the Launch Meeting of the Bamberg Toastmasters 27th March 2017

I came, I saw, I joined…

That’s how my Toastmasters journey started 10 years ago at Erlangen Toastmasters. I believe this is how the majority of  the 345 000  Toastmasters  in over 140 countries also got their start.

The first official Toastmasters meeting was held  in 1924 in Santa Ana California YMCA. The founder, Ralph Smedely, wanted to to help  men in the community learn how to speak, conduct meetings, plan programs and work on committees.  He developed the club concept where the members learn in a social and supportive environment.  Toastmasters has grown to 15,900 clubs worldwide and has evolved but the club concept and the supportive learning environment has remained. (More on the history of Toastmasters.)

The enduring appeal of Toastmasters is nicely expressed in this testimonial of a US member:

Toastmasters fills the training gap that is often overlooked during formal education and training. Toastmasters teaches you how to effectively communicate with people and lead, both in a personal and business context. I know of no other club or program that zeros in so effectively on this type of self-improvement.

This all happens within a friendly, constructive and pleasant environment. Because Toastmasters is internationally well established with clubs all around the world, a lot of people will know about Toastmasters when you talk about it, and they can relate to and respect its high ideals. Indeed, Toastmasters can serve as a real network builder. I endorse Toastmasters and the values and principles it stands for.

Carlos Galaniuk, Solicitor and Attorney at law

Toastmasters in Germany

Toastmasters obviously appeals to us in Germany as well. In 2000 there were 12 chartered clubs in Germany. By 2015 there were 77 and the prediction is that by 2018 there will be 82. (see District 95  FAQ).

Not far from Bamberg you have 5 clubs to choose from:

Erlangen Toastmasters  (English )

Nuremberg Toastmasters (English)

Noris Toastmasters (English)

Nürnberger Rhetoriker (German)

Fränkly Speaking ( a bilingual advanced club)

If you’re eager to experience a club before the Bamberg Toastmasters launch meeting click on the links above to find out the exact times and locations. Visitors are always welcome…

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