Speeches to Enjoy – Magic at Second Sight

Most of us make the same “mistake” over and over again. We judge people at first sight. We look at their faces, their clothes, we perceive the way they move, we listen to their voices and we immediately put them in a drawer. Normally, we don’t give them a second chance to get out of that drawer. Even if they show us unknown and surprising personality traits. It doesn‘t really matter. We tend to ignore those new impressions. They don‘t fit the mental picture we have got of that person. At the same moment we think that we are good judges of human nature.

Sometimes it needs magic to show us the differences between first impressions and reality. Would you dare to play a game of poker against Lennart Green? Take a look at the way he enters the stage and deals the cards. You’d definitely say “Yes”. Just wait for it and enjoy the simple but fascinating fact that not everything we see is true.