Another Intriguing Meeting

It was a meeting just packed with a variety of intriguing topics:

Greenery… it’s the Pantone color of the year! This is what we learned from Axel, our Toastmaster of the evening who chose the Colors as the evening’s theme. The color greenery is described as  ‘fresh and zesty’, which coincidentally also describes an evening with the Bamberg Toastmasters.

The captain with a red shirt joke, was Christina’s spontaneous joke that was not only hilarious but amazingly  fit perfectly with  the color theme!

How to Evaluate to Motivate is what we learned in an educational given by Alexandra.  The focus of her talk was on delivering speech evaluations that will really help our members develop their public speaking skills. But the these techniques can be transferred to providing effective feedback in all other areas of our lives, e.g. to our children, work colleagues, students, etc. There is so much potential to grow when we receive good feedback.  You can read a really useful article about how you can personally grow from feedback in the lastest issue of the Toastmasters Magazine.

A tale about a donkey and monkey allowed our minds to escape the real world and enter a fairytale for 7 minutes, thanks to Neel. Retelling a story was Neel’s first project in the Storytelling manual. Stories aren’t just for children anymore. Read the Forbes magazine article, Storytelling as a Leadership Tool.

Learning by doing is the Toastmasters way and we got to practice the evaluation skills that we learned. Lucie gave her humorous speech in preparation for the Division I conference. And the rest of us had a good laugh – then gave her our feedback.

It was a great meeting and there’s more fun to look forward to. For example…

Our Club Charter Party IS on Sunday December 3rd

Woohoo! Let’s celebrate the founding of this great club!