What Can You Expect in 4 Weeks at the Bamberg Toastmasters Launch Meeting?

The Launch Meeting will be the first meeting of the Bamberg Toastmasters. It’s going to take place on Monday March 27th at 7:30 upstairs at Ahörnla.  There will be members from other clubs and other guests, just like you.

What can you expect?  I’m going to  share what I’ve heard other guests say after visiting a Toastmasters meeting:

It’s more structured than I expected.

Our Toastmasters meeting will be held in English but you don’t have to be a perfect English speaker. Every meeting has an agenda and standard meeting roles.

Before the meeting members volunteer for meeting roles. There are basically three types of roles:

  •  Meeting leaders
  •  Evaluation roles
  •  Speakers

There will be roles assigned during the meeting. These will be the speakers who give impromptu speeches called Table Topics.

During the meeting there will be three main parts:

  1. Prepared speeches
  2. Impromptu speeches
  3. Evaluations

Each of these parts is moderated by one of the meeting leaders.

If you have already attended a Toastmasters meeting anywhere around the world you will already know this tried and true format which really supports learning and self-development.

The speakers were all so good.

I think there are several reasons that guests say this.  Toastmasters teaches us how to effectively communicate with an audience.  The speech topics are completely up to the speakers.  So they get to share their interests and ideas that they are passionate about with the audience.  This combination creates an evening of really compelling speeches.

I like the supportive atmosphere.

The insightful and supportive feedback makes a big impression on the guests. The speakers receive honest, constructive feedback from their peers. Speakers leave the meeting knowing exactly how they can improve andfeeling  really motivated at the same time. This type of experience is rare in the workplace and most educational settings.

I had fun this evening.

A Toastmasters meeting in structured but there is a lot of room for humor and camaraderie. The meeting typically lasts 1 1/2 hours. Afterwards we often socialize over food and drink and get to know each other.

Come to the Ahörnla on March 27th and look for the signs that point to our meeting upstairs. We will start at 7:30 sharp, so it’s good to arrive between 7 and 7.15, so we can give you a little introduction.

We invite you to make your own impressions of Toastmasters.