Soft Skills at Bamberg Toastmasters

Join a terrific team at Bamberg Toastmasters!

Employers and assessment centers alike are increasingly looking for soft skills in today’s workforce, i.e. social skills, communication skills and collaboration skills.

Yes, Toastmasters is about public speaking. You will learn how to speak with confidence and get your ideas across. But that’s not all. Bamberg Toastmasters is a team of people who make things happen. At Bamberg Toastmasters you will train your SOFT SKILLS and your PUBLIC SPEAKING SKILLS.

As a guest at one of our meetings, you will be experiencing a typical Toastmaster evening which consists of a warm-up including impromptu speeches, followed by prepared speeches which will then be evaluated in a constructive yet honest way.
(BTW: As a guest you can just sit back and relax!)

Best is: have a look for yourself and see whether you like Bamberg Toastmasters. It’s free – so there’s nothing to lose. Go for it.

We’re looking forward to welcoming you.

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