Ice Ice Baby!

Break the ice!

The Ice-Breaker is the name of the very first speech you give at Toastmasters. After you join you choose a path in the Toastmasters Education Programme Pathways and you start working on your first project. Want to see what it looks like? Click here.

Astrid receiving her ice-breaker ribbon award

Ideally you work together with your mentor, whom you chose at one of the previous club meetings. This fellow Toastmaster will offer support with your ice-breaker and will give you constructive feedback before the great night. Then the evening arrives and you step in front of the audience at the lectern …

Get Feedback!

Later during our usual programme of the evening, you will receive feedback on your delivery and your speech from a dedicated evaluator and then it’s time for celebrations:

Steve receiving his ice-breaker ribbon award
Get your award!

At our last meeting on Monday 14th we heard two successful ice-breakers by Astrid and Steve and two awards, ice-breaker ribbons, were given out by our Club President Neel.

Happy faces all around! Do you want to break the ice? Come to Bamberg Toastmasters.

Guests are always welcome!!!