Speeches To Enjoy – Short presentation, great impact

This blog post will be quite short. Time management plays an important role with Toastmasters. Every speech has got a minium and maximum amount of time that can be used. The first speech of the Competent Communication manual, the Ice Breaker, starts with a minimum of four minutes.


Maybe you wonder whether it is possible to give a great presentation within such a short time. Relax, you don‘t even need that much time. Just take a look at those two amazing speeches. Each one of them only takes 3.5 minutes to entertain and educate the audience. Enjoy!

If you want to practise your public speaking skills, be a guest at of one of the Bamberg Toastmasters meetings. The next one, a club contest, will be on Monday, 26th February, at 7.30 pm at Stadtteilzentrum Starkenfeld, Katzheimerstr. 3, 96050 Bamberg.