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A magical evening at the Erba-Spitze

Passing ships, guests from Brussels, sunsets, umbrellas and great food

We were really lucky last night for our picnic meeting at the Erba-Spitze. Yes, it did rain for a bit during the evaluations, but for the best part of the evening the weather was great.

The company was too. Everybody brought delicious goodies, we heard great speeches, had several guests and lots of fun. Nadya and René from Atomium Toastmasters Club in Brussels were our special guests, they both participated in the impromptu speeches and explained in detail how to prepare yummy Belgian fries.

A magical evening

Timm Full started us off with some magic tricks, Axel explained the colours of the sunset in his prepared speech and had the sun setting as a backdrop. (Perfect timing) Steve started his project on how to find happiness. He will tell us in September how it all turned out. Ships were passing in the background and it all ended up with sparklers and sparkling drinks in the dark.

Here are some impressions for you:
Our president opens the meeting
Alexandra calls for the sandwich hamper
Timm doing some magic
Vera adores music festivals
Michael's impromptu speeches
René on how to prepare Belgian fries
Nadya from Atomium Toastmasters in Brussels
Axel and the abstract concept
Spot the ship?
Steve on Happiness
Gaby and the sunset
Back to you!
Bärbel and Timm
Our timer Alex
Sparkle and smile