Toastmasters’ Storytelling manual

1840 – The scramble for Africa is about to begin and everybody wants a piece of the pie!

In the picture you can see the extensive travels of famous explorer Dr. David Livingstone. In his many expeditions he crossed the continent from one side to another. Alexandra told about how his arm got mauled by a lion, how he discovered the Victoria falls and finally met Stanley on the shores of Lake Tanganyika. And when the Scotsman met the Welshman (no other white men around for hundreds of miles), Stanley uttered the famous words: “Dr. Livingstone, I presume?”

Bringing history to life

This was the 5th project in the advanced Toastmasters manual “Storytelling” that Alexandra is currently working on. The objectives of this speech project was to tell a story about a historical event or person and make it interesting, make sure it has a plot, conflict, characters, a setting and action. All this in 7 to maximum 9 minutes.

Feel free to download the whole speech (BTW it took her 9 mins 25 seconds to deliver – that’s alright, there is a 30 second grace period at Toastmasters – phew). Click here for a pdf.