Our Club is Blossoming

It’s thrilling to watch our club blossom.  At our last Monday meeting both our speakers were our very own Bamberg Toastmasters.  Usually a club depends on support from more established clubs in the area to fill the agenda.  We still welcome guests but it’s wonderful to see that we can support ourselves.

Bianca gave her Icebreaker speech. She took us along on her fascinating and humorous journey through 4 countries, 23 moves, 4 student permits, 1 Masters degree and a least 3 jobs.  That’s a lot experiences to pack into just 4 years!    Erik  explained to us how to write a short story in just 30 minutes. Not only that, he convinced us that we can do it. His closing was a call to action… ‘Just try it!’

In addition Matthias, another new member,  came in, sick as a dog, to give us his word of the day and apologize for not being able to stay. We were flabbergasted by his dedication and consideration for the club.

We are definitely growing strong roots.

Next week’s meeting will take place on Monday June 26th at 7:30.  Click here for the meeting agenda.

Come visit for a fun evening.