A magical evening at the Erba-Spitze

Passing ships, guests from Brussels, sunsets, umbrellas and great food We were really lucky last night for our picnic meeting at the Erba-Spitze. Yes, it did rain for a bit during the evaluations, but for the best part of the evening the weather was great. The company was too. Everybody brought delicious goodies, we heard

Picnic time!

Picnic time! Take a blanket and some snacks to join us at the Erbaspitze August 13th, 19:15 A good day to start improving your speaking skills. Bamberg Toastmasters invites everybody to the clubs first picnic session. We will have speeches and munchies, fun and things to learn. All in the usual Bamberg Toastmasters atmosphere. So


The next step up from cakemaster is what? Beermaster what else! If this has been a question you have been asking yourself – here is your answer. We had a hilarious meeting at Bamberg Toastmasters last night. And mind you, the beer was non-alcoholic. Our meeting theme was “Emotions and the World Cup”. The word

Soft Skills at Bamberg Toastmasters

Join a terrific team at Bamberg Toastmasters! Employers and assessment centers alike are increasingly looking for soft skills in today’s workforce, i.e. social skills, communication skills and collaboration skills. Yes, Toastmasters is about public speaking. You will learn how to speak with confidence and get your ideas across. But that’s not all. Bamberg Toastmasters is

Ice Ice Baby!

Break the ice! The Ice-Breaker is the name of the very first speech you give at Toastmasters. After you join you choose a path in the Toastmasters Education Programme Pathways and you start working on your first project. Want to see what it looks like? Click here. Ideally you work together with your mentor, whom

Impromptu speeches at Galgenhügel

On Sunday May 6th Bamberg Toastmasters went on a Grand Day Out to Fränkische Schweiz. We spent a wonderful hiking tour in and around Aufseß. But if you know Toastmasters, you will also know that they just can’t keep their mouths shut, so of course we had to include a public speaking session. The location

Goodies at Bamberg Toastmasters

Summer is approaching and with this we have planned some extra goodies. This weekend will feature our hiking tour through lovely Aufseß valley. We will report in our blog next week on how it went. There will be the enjoyable walk and the stopover in the Gasthof, however we wouldn’t be Toastmasters if there were